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Our goal for this project was to create a clean, fun, and techy design. We went with a green and turquoise design for the logo and carried that over to the site while mixing it with a light theme. This website includes special features such as booking, mobile app and easy-to-use navigation for clients.

The Project Objectives:


  • Brand Identity 

  • Lead/Conversions

  • Easy to use

  • Light, Simple Aesthetics


Craft is a Telecom Expense Management company. As a key process within Craft’s approach, managing expenses is often a starting point for organizations who are most interested in properly managing and gaining visibility into their communications services and assets with common goals of cutting costs, increasing productivity, and extracting more from their existing IT infrastructure.



Craft Enterprises is more than a telecom expense management firm. They make things easy as you will no longer have to spend a large percentage of your time identifying, tracking down, and following up on a number of your vendors when a problem or need arises.

Designed by Branding Agency - LevelUpDaily

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