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Our goal for this project was to create a clean, vibrant, and balanced design. This eCommerce website includes special features such as email subscription, online payment gateway, mobile app, and easy-to-use navigation for clients.

The Project Objectives:


  • Brand Identity 

  • Lead/Conversions

  • Easy to use

  • Dark, Simple Aesthetics


Work-N-Out, LLC was created to help bring peace and positive energy into the lives of many. They believe that everyone should live their life to the fullest and without the negative energy from others. Life is too short to live with constant fear and anger because of what’s going on globally, so let’s work together and add more love, peace, and wealth to our lives. 



Shanthia H. is the founder of Work N Out and has been in the beauty industry for years. The beauty of crystals captured her attention early on in life.


As she wore her bracelet, she noticed the change and started to research other crystals and their properties. She learned that love, clarity, peace, and protection, energetically radiate from various crystals. However, during her research, she noticed that other companies offer either one size fits all or a couple of sizes to choose from.


During this time, she wanted to create a brand that allows custom options for everyone to experience the benefits of crystal bracelets. At that moment, Work N Out was created to keep the customer and customization in mind.

Designed by Branding Agency - LevelUpDaily

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