All services provided by Level Up Daily are subject to the following terms and conditions that serves as a legal binding contract, in addition to a contract for select services that is issued during checkout, between the client and Level Up Daily. The terms and conditions are to protect both Level Up Daily and the client. By accepting a quote in writing, verbally or by payment, you confirm that you are in agreement. All work is carried out by Level Up Daily Team on the understanding that the client has agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Pricing & Payments: All pricing is subject to updates at any time without notice and are in effect upon posting. If you have paid a deposit prior to a price change, the paid price stands. Payment is due before any work on a project begins. For projects $499 and under, payment in full will be required before work will begin. For projects over $500, a 50% deposit of the total project cost is required before any work will begin. Deposits must be made within three business days of receipt of an invoice or the project is subject to cancellation. All final and remaining unpaid balances will be due and payable within three business days of your final approval of the design concept. Once the final payment is made, the project will be finalized, uploaded, tested and any final files will be delivered.
Payments may be made by cash, credit, debit or PayPal. No eChecks are accepted. No design work will begin until payment has been received and cleared.

Overdue Fees: If any fees become overdue, Level Up Daily retains the right to remove any website or online material and services provided or maintained. Level Up Daily will not be held responsible for any inconveniences caused by removing any online material or services. Any future projects with the client will require full payment in advance.

Refunds and Cancellations: Level Up Daily does not provide refunds for any services unless explicitly agreed upon. You may cancel your project at any time. However, due to the tedious work produced, payments already received by Level Up Daily will not be refunded in order to offset the loss of business. If partial work that is in its final stage has already been received by the client, the partial or full payment that has been paid will not be refunded simply to cover the work that has been completed. Ownership of all artwork, layouts and development will remain the property of Level Up Daily and remaining work will not be sent to the client for their ownership. If the project is in it’s final stage, ownership will be transferred to client after full payment is received. In the event that Level Up Daily is unable to complete a client’s project, due to any cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to illness or emergency, then Level Up Daily will return any deposit or money paid, minus any earned payment for partial services performed.

Design Drafts: Draft images are for viewing for approval only. They may not be copied, edited, or distributed to any other person or company, other than those directly involved with the project without prior permission from Level Up Daily.

Project Content: The client agrees to provide all text and pictures required for the completion of any items to be designed. It is expected that all text supplied has been checked for typographical and grammatical errors, and has been approved by the client that will have the final call in the release of any items designed. Additional fees may apply for any necessary photography services, stock photos, media conversions and image editing. The client agrees that advisement may be given and corrections may be made by Level Up Daily to text and images to improve the design of any items. There will be no additional charges for these suggestions and modifications, unless specified, as it is included with any project.

Domain & Hosting: Domain and hosting fees are not included in any design quote given by Level Up Daily. Though, we are capable of setting up domain purchases and hosting sites if needed, but additional fees will apply and be added to the deposit fee.

Timelines: If a timeline is needed, please notify Level Up Daily before the start of your project. The average turnaround time for standard graphics is 5 to 7 business days. The turnaround times for website designs and branding packages are as follows:

       For website designs and branding packages, please allow a minimum of 1-3 weeks for initial design layouts.
       For all rush orders, an additional $100 fee is required.

Level Up Daily works hard to complete all projects in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee deadlines as each project is unique, and so is each client. Level Up Daily will provide each client with an estimated project completion date depending on the size, content and functionality requirements of the project. We will communicate with the client during the entire development of the project and provide the client with status updates. We request at least 2-3 business days to respond to client communications. The client must be available during the duration of the project, except weekends or any holidays, to answer questions, get any additional supplies and for any needed approvals. If the client fails to provide requested information in a timely matter, within 3 days, the project will then be placed on hold and moved to the bottom of the current projects list. If the client is unreachable after 5 days and unable to provide materials in a timely manner, the project will be cancelled and no deposits or payments will be refunded.

Excessive & Unreasonable Revisions: During the design process, every effort possible will be made to create a design that the client will be happy with, not moving on to the next phase until a resolution of any minor design problem can be fixed. Any minor changes or revisions to the original approved design will be honored as long as they are “minor” and deemed minor by Level Up Daily and do not change the original design and layout. Any changes to any project that go over and beyond the minor definition and change design from the original approved design may not be honored and additional fees may apply. The client should feel free to discuss any design components they are unhappy with prior to the completion of the project. Please note that revisions slow down the design process, and due to excessive revisions, timelines may not be met.
Level Up Daily reserves the right to continue or cancel any project, completed or not, due to excessive revisions and changes. The client will be notified if he or she is nearing the point of excessive revisions. We advise the client to stay within reason. If Level Up Daily decides to continue a project past the agreed drafts, payment of the additional fees will be due before project is finalized and sent to the client.

Corrections & Revisions: You will have a period of two weeks after the installation of a website, and one week for any other project, to review, test all links, pages, check for any spelling or grammatical errors, minor fixes, broken links, broken pages, etc. and report them to Level Up Daily as soon as possible to ensure the issues can be corrected.  In regards to website design, clients take on full responsibility of the website once installed. Any issues or fixes needed after the two weeks, or one week for any other project, will be invoiced at a per service rate. Level Up Daily will not assume responsibility for any issues that arrive after the one to two week period or issues by the client due to improper updating and maintenance. If needed, the client can request a quote and an invoice to correct any errors made by the client.
Additions or changes to original approved designs, including colors, images, site coding, etc., are not part of the one to two week period. Any additions or corrections before or after the client's design is finalized will be quoted, invoiced and paid by the client before any additions or changes are performed.

Website Maintenance: The client understands that once the website is completed and installed to the client’s website, the client takes on full responsibility of maintaining all aspects of the website. Level Up Daily will ensure the client is aware of available maintenance plans. If a plan is agreed upon, then Level Up Daily will take on the responsibility of maintaining the agreed upon aspects of the website.

Credit: Level Up Daily reserves the right to display and link to the client's completed graphic design or website as part of his portfolio. Credit must remain on all websites and in working order. A fee of $150.00 USD will be applied to remove credit. If the credit display is removed or disabled without consent, any future work will not be serviced.

Confidentiality: The client and Level Up Daily may disclose confidential information to one another in order to facilitate work and payments. The client agrees that he or she may need to provide usernames and passwords in order to upload and edit information. Complete privacy is assured. No username, passwords or email addresses will ever be shared or used for any purpose other than that it was supplied for. Such information shall be safeguarded and not disclosed to third parties by the receiving party.
All terms and conditions are subject to modification at any time and are in effect upon posting.