Journey Wine

Journey Wine offers hand crafted red, white and rose wines to compliment every event for every season. Since 2013, Journey Wine takes pride in brings new flavors to your doorstep as they offer custom wine selections that will have you travel to different places with every sip. 



Web Design



Amanda Hayes




Image by Zan

Journey Wine makes it easy for you to afford better wine. They source only the highest quality grapes, before blending them ourselves. These hand crafted wines are distributed from their farm directly to you. Every season, they sample dozens of their own personal blends until they've found the best bottle for your money.

Designed by Branding Agency - LevelUpDaily

Web & Mobile

Our goal for this design was to capture the attention of customers with a bold and inviting banner. We played off a luxury theme which included special features such as booking features, products and easy to use navigation for clients.

The Project Objectives:


  • Brand Identity 

  • Lead/Conversions

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Warm, Simple Aesthetics

Cherry Wine Bottle Mockup.png
Cherry Drop.png
Image by Lasseter Winery
Image by Tim Mossholder