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Healing Hands Spa offers therapeutic massage tailored to help you address your specific wellness needs for a highly focused, personalized massage every time. Discover an array of wellness offerings to help you renew and recharge.



Web Design



Brooke Wilson




Hot Stone Massage

As a mental health professional and high school counselor, Aisha provides emotional and behavioral support; coping skills for stress, anxiety, and anger. She utilizes a Person-Centered approach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist with life transitions. Through compassion, sincerity, and active listening, she ensures that every client feels safe to be open, direct and understood to ultimately resolve their concerns.

Designed by Branding Agency - LevelUpDaily

Web & Mobile


Our goal for this design was to displays peace, elegance, and professionalism, while adding a high end web design to therapeutic services for those looking for an escape to regain clarity.


A homepage was designed with an unique custom cursive font merged with a beautiful shot for an eye-catching effect. This site includes booking features, products and easy to use navigation for clients.

The Project Objectives:


  • Brand Identity 

  • Lead/Conversions

  • Easy To Use

  • Light, Simple Aesthetics

Relaxing Massage Therapy